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Service Overview

Chartreuse Center offers specialized and highly focused services. 

Individual Counseling and Art Therapy sessions offer private time for you to discuss the unique issues you are experiencing.  Counseling can help gain awareness, develop coping strategies to address stress and anxiety, recognize triggers that bring forth intense emotions. Art therapy is useful to further self understanding or when the words cannot describe your life experiences.  

Virtual Tele-Health Counseling

Virtual Tele-Health Counseling is an excellent option to counseling for those who live in Illinois and Indiana. Services are provided through VSee, a secure, HIPAA privacy compliant software. Virtual Tele-Health Counseling values your need for flexibility and quality, specialized support.  

❤︎  Provides safety and mindful to health oriented care while living in the COVID-19 era
❤︎  Extends services to those that live in a rural area with limited specialized providers for infertility, loss, grief or art therapy
❤︎  Removed barriers to folks that live with physical conditions that encourage limited trips outside the home or are  homebound
❤︎ Offers options for counseling support due to work or home commitments that interfere with regular office sessions
❤︎ Maintain progress in your growth while traveling for work or commuting a long distance

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Online Programs

In 2018, Chartreuse Center began to offer online self-help programs in a course format.  These online programs offer the transformative information, action oriented tools that were taught during in-person workshops and small groups.  Some programs have open enrollment throughout the year while others are only open during certain times of the year.  These programs are anytime, anywhere programs to reduce isolation and address disenfranchisement that can be experienced when grieving, exploring fertility concerns or newly parenting.  

Topics offered include:
❤︎ Specific Topics for Surviving Infertility including the Grief of Fertility Struggles, Love Relationships, Self Care, and Maintaining Positivity through Treatment, unique treatment outcome programs such as Fertility Transitions - Pregnancy after Fertility Treatment and Grief of Unsuccessful Fertility Treatment.
❤︎ Weekly Emails for Self-Guided Grief Support

❤︎ Separate Law Enforcement Grief Community

❤︎ Next Year of Grief topics like Holiday Survival, Mending Me for understanding perspective changes after loss, Mindset Reset for helping to become comfortable with being happy again, and 90 Day Positivity Bootcamp for personal self talk and adjustments in life roles.

❤︎ Specific Pregnancy Loss Self-Guided Support
❤︎ Unique New Parent support for those first weeks after the arrival of a new child in the home.

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Business and Community Online Programs

Some online programs lend themselves to business and community support solutions.  

❤︎ Embrace You! is the first program released for Women's Health Professionals and Fertility Clinics.  

❤︎ The next program released was the First 52 for Hospice to be used by individual hospices as a true 13 month Bereavement Care Plan.

❤︎ Blue Family First 52 is specific for Law Enforcement families as a community program.

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