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Beginning February 15, 2018, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO will be the only accepted insurance.  Chartreuse Center has made a careful decision to not participate in HMO or managed care programs in order to best meet your needs.  

This decision affords you some added benefits:

  • You receive the highest level of confidentiality and quality in care since I do not share your history or personal information with your insurance company.
  • A psychiatric diagnosis is not reported or added to your medical history record.
  • Together, we determine duration and focus of therapy.  We are not limited by insurance parameters.
  • If your insurance does permit you to work with an Out-of-Network Provider, I will provide you with a monthly statement that you may submit to your insurance company.  Your insurance will then reimburse you according to provisional terms.

You are responsible for payment at the time of the therapy session.  Payment is accepted as cash, check or credit/debit through your patient portal.

Workshops or Presentations for Your Group or Organization
Julie has presented throughout Illinois and has traveled to present at conferences within the United States for topics related to art therapy, grief and fertility concerns.   Contact Julie to create a program that meets your needs.

Speak with Julie about Chartreuse Center counseling, workshops, groups or events complete the form on the Contact Us page and you will receive personal contact from me, Julie.  

Therapy sessions are held in a private office at 11309 Distinctive Drive in Orland Park, Illinois.  This office is shared by other therapists with diverse practices.   Groups and workshops are held at the office or in the community.

Chartreuse Center offers specialized and highly focused counseling services.  Individual Counseling and Art Therapy sessions offer private time for you to discuss the unique issues you are experiencing.  Counseling can help gain awareness, develop coping strategies to address stress and anxiety, recognize triggers that bring forth intense emotions. Art therapy is useful to further self understanding or when the words cannot describe your life experiences.  

Initial Session
A phone consultation is completed prior to the first session in order to ensure your life concern and Chartreuse Center specialization are compatible. The first session is called an intake session. This first session generally is 60-75 minutes. Necessary paperwork such as New Client Forms, Informed Consent, Privacy Practices, and self rated scales that are appropriate for your situation will be discussed and completed.   Various parts of your life will be discussed to clarify your focus for counseling.    

On-going Therapy
You will gain useful insight and skills to deepen your personal understanding of your situation.  Adlerian, narrative and art therapy approaches are utilized to help you understand your life and current struggle. Some folks may need a few sessions while others may benefit from on-going support.  Your therapy needs are unique to you and you can expect individualized care.  The therapy process begins with weekly sessions for approximately a month and then time between appointments is extended in order for you to apply knowledge and grow your confidence in new skills. You will graduate from therapy with a rich understanding of your situation, appreciation for your strengths and techniques to apply to this struggle and other life situations.

Therapeutic interventions may include:

  • Identifying strengths in previous losses
  • Viewing situations through differing perspectives
  • Understanding your personal reactions to stress
  • Creative exploration of options or changes in life
  • Learn and practice relaxation techniques to address anxiety and stress reactions
  • Deepened insight regarding emotional triggers
  • Exploration of functioning within family, love, work and community
  • Understanding behavior patterns and identifying ways to redirect yourself
  • Explore self image and self esteem based on life situations

This list is only a snapshot of what may be experienced in therapy. Interventions are selected based on you specific situation and needs.  We truly work together on your path through insight and empowerment to growth.

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Individual & Couples Counseling

Reduce feeling alone... Enhance coping...Deepen insight


Tele-Therapy is an excellent option to counseling for those who live in Illinois and may: 

  • live in a rural area with limited specialized providers for infertility, loss, grief or art therapy;
  • have physical conditions that encourage limited trips outside the home or are  homebound;
  • treatment, work or home commitments that interfere with regular office sessions:
  • travel for work or commute a long distance.

Services are provided through
VSee, a secure, HIPAA privacy compliant software.  Tele-Therapy is an excellent tool for continued progress by reducing missed sessions. Please inquire if this is a service of interest.

Online Programs

In 2018, Chartreuse Center began to offer online self-help programs in a course format.  Some courses have open enrollment throughout the year while others are time limited.  These programs are anytime, anywhere programs to help when you need.  Topics offered include:

  • Holiday Survival - Artful Approach to the Holidays with Comfort and Ease.
  • Specific Topics for Surviving Infertility including the Grief of Fertility Struggles, Love Relationships, Self Care, and Maintaining Positivity through Treatment
  • 6 Week Seasonal Bereavement Courses delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • Transitional Courses for Pregnancy after Fertility Struggles and Various Parenting Topics
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Distance Counseling & Online Self-Help Programs

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"The prompts/exercises/invitations, examples and your personal sharing were most helpful." - Lisa C.

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