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These programs are cornerstone to Chartreuse Center's mission: 

to increase accessibility, offer flexibility for busy life and improve connection with others
for anytime, anywhere programs to help when YOU need.  

The programs center around key specializations of Grief and Fertility/Infertility to increase connection, deepen understanding to individual experiences and gain practical tools that work.  Programs are created with compassion and tenderness of a friend whose been there and guides you through -  an excellent approach and support that leads to transformative growth. 

As more people throughout the states began to request information, Chartreuse Center made the transition to  offer online self-help programs in a course format.   In essence, these online programs are Chartreuse Center's groups and workshops moved to a virtual platform that include even the most impactful tools from individual sessions. Some courses have open enrollment throughout the year while others are time limited. 

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Online Programs

The Gift of Knowing... 

Exploring Fertility Complimentary Mini-Course

A gift for you... take a test drive with this introductory course. Topics include:
❤︎ Prevalance of Infertility  ❤︎ Emotional Considerations ❤︎ Everyday Impact ❤︎ Resources

Use DISCOUNT CODE: GIFT4U at checkout.

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Curious?  Want more info?

Learn a bit more about some of the different progroms from the creator, Julie Blackburn.  You'll get a taste of Julie's style.  She is authentic.  She is honest.  She is approachable. Simply click each video to watch and learn more.

Your Friend in Grief Channel
Complementary Fertility Program

Get a glimpse inside a Chartreuse Center Course and see simplicity of learning platform.

Complimentary Content on YouTube

Chartreuse Center has two separate channels to differentiate specializations:  Your Friend in Grief and Abundant Curiosity.

Your Friend in Grief

This channel offers a variety of types of information from bite-size Positive Intentions for you to ponder and incorporate into your life to longer topical discussions to dive a bit deeper.  The focus here is grief, adjustment and those tough aspects of bereavement and fertility concerns.

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Visit the Chartreuse Center Online Programs  to learn more and check out the current course offerings.

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