Chartreuse Center Programs are RESEARCHED BASED and CLIENT TESTED, including the most impactful tools that FIT into EVERYDAY LIFE

The vision of Online Programs is to EXPAND THE REACH of QUALITY PROGRAMMING with INCREASED ACCESSIBILITYFLEXIBILITY for busy life and IMPROVE CONNECTION with themselves and others. This vision is realized with Business & Community Partnerships with organizations like yours!  

Flexible Employee Supports

How much do you think grief and life changes are impacting your organization?  Chartreuse Center is here to help you help your Employees.  There is a human component to all businesses. When life changing events happen, Human Resources is the first to know and helps employees.  Adding flexible, quality supports to Employee Bereavement Benefits or New Parent Support during Parent Leave sets your organization apart as a Compassionate Employer as well as helps your Employees adjust to a new way of living that includes returning to work.

There are NO long term contracts for your organization to participate... Yes, you read that correctly...  You choose which programs your Employees or Clients may most benefit.

Programs are priced to fit into lean budgets... for all sizes of organizations.  

Have a midsize, large or warehouse business and could benefit from advanced purchasing?  Receive a 5%-10% when purchasing enrollments in advance.

Life Adjustment Programs to Consider

Embrace YOU!  Surviving Infertility Treatment

Infertility is as profound as other health issues such as cancer, heart disease & other chronic illnesses.  Offer psycho-social tools & information as staff explore their health & family building options. 

$95/5 program bundle

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Grief is a universal aspect of life that happens when we experience profound change. Each person will respond in their own way.

Not everyone needs counseling.  Many folks benefit from understanding  their own grief.  Chartreuse Center Programs help folks learn about their new way of living and return focus on work, interests,  relationships and life.Chartreuse Center Programs are research based, individually focused and flexible to incorporate into work/life responsibilities.

First 52 Email Grief Support

Add the First 52 to your Employee Bereavement Benefits.  13 months of weekly supportive emails through the first year of grief after the death of a loved one. 


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Business, EAP & Community PROGRAMS

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Chartreuse Center Community Programs

New Parent Check-In

Birth, Adoption, Foster Placements and other new children in a home may bring forth Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Issues. Help Employees transition into Parents during Parent Leave.  Group meets 2x/week

$20/wk.   $80/month    $240/12 wk. Parental Leave

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Chartreuse Center Online Programs

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Grief, Fertility & New Parent


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