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Make the most of your budget!  

Chartreuse Center offers specialized services for fertility, infertility, parenting and grief. Business & Community Programs offer you to offer support to your community at reduced pricing when our specializations align.   

Programs include quality content from Chartreuse Center's groups and workshops... including the most impactful tools to INCREASE ACCESSIBILITY, offer FLEXIBILITY for busy life and IMPROVE CONNECTION with others.The vision of National Online Programs is to extend the reach of quality programming.  This vision expands with Business & Community Partnerships!  

In some cases, there is no cost for your organization to participate... Yes, you read that correctly... no cost to your organization...

In other cases, the program is deeply reduced pricing with your organization monitoring the comments and managing enrollment into the program.  You have access to the quality content AND maintain communication with your families and clients.  

There are 3 main programs available at this time:

❤︎ First 52 for Hospice - Your Bereavement Email Care Plan 

❤︎ Blue Family First 52 - Law Enforcement Grief Community 

❤︎ Embrace YOU! Office Program - Fertility Clinics & Doctor Offices 

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Embrace You!

Office Program

for Fertility Clinics and Doctor Offices

Law Enforcement

Grief Community

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Business & Community PROGRAMS

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