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Chartreuse Center is here to companion you and help you navigate the information overwhelm on the web.    A friend would point you in the right direction or share the best found nuggets out there...  That's what Chartreuse Center intends to do...

The resource pages offer you a couple of things:

❤︎ Highlights of the programs Chartreuse Center offers for that life experience...  

❤︎ A Gift for YOU! in the form of a Complimentary Mini-Program because that's what friends do...

❤︎ A list of those valued resources on the web.  

Be encouraged to look around... watch some videos... receive your gift by signing up for your mini-program.    

Julie is a down-to-earth person, compassionate and will tell it to you straight...  She is a friend and has so much to share with you.  She will never tell you she knows EXACTLY how you feel... However, she will help you better understand how you are doing with all these changes.

You are not alone in your life struggle.

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