Pregnancy Loss Support Group

Pregnancy Loss is overwhelming and intimate.  Share the life and loss of your baby through the story of your pregnancy and loss.  *Seperate Miscarriage & Still Birth Groups

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Holiday Survival

Holiday Survival

6-Week program with a weekly focus to prepare for Family Holidays and anticipate special days throughout the next year. Registration opens once a year during the Month of October.

For some, creating a family comes easily.  For others, it is accompanied with countless appointments with a variety of professionals who all have a similar goal - help you create a family.  

Creating a family begins with hopes and dreams that can  quickly shatter when a pregnancy is lost or you are given information of an underlying health issue that is interfering with your fertility.  Or you sit in the abyss of Unknown Infertility and begin to question or blame yourself.  

Chartreuse Center was created for you.  Your experience is unique to you, just as mine was for me. Few counseling professionals specialize in fertility concerns, infertility, and grief.  Chartreuse Center offers valuable service through attentiveness to your personal situation.  You have our promise to companion you to growth and empowerment. 

Mindset Reset

7weeks of daily practice of integrating Positive Psychology to transform your senses to recognize, savor and incorporate positivity strategies into everyday life.

Embrace YOU!  

Beyond Surviving Fertility, Reclaim Life

This program is created from what Chartreuse Center Clients (and I wanted too) when first exploring challenges with conceiving.  You have a trusted referral for a Reproductive Endocrinologist... Gift yourself Embrace YOU!  Infertility touches more than the body... it impacts our love relationships, our self esteem & trusting our bodies, our emotions are influenced by treatment medications & outcomes, and our coping strategies are stretched... even difficult to find ways to have comfort in our lives.  You deserve to know more and improve your coping with your fertility journey.  

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Infertility Group

Family building can be quite an adventure.  Your beliefs, dreams, and relationships are challenged.  Learn how to make sense of your infertility experience through storytelling.  

* SEPARATE Primary & Secondary Infertility Groups

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1in8 Fertility Support

Positivity Bootcamp

90 Days of daily practice of integrating Positive Psychology to EVOLVE YOU!  Learn about revolutionary concepts of KIND LIMITS in many aspects of life from your own Inner Critic to those difficult people in your life.

Mindset Reset
90 Day Positivity Bootcamp
Embrace YOU! Beyond Surviving Fertility, Reclaim Life
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Email Mini-Program

Life Becoming Over shadowed with

Family Building Concerns? 

This email mini-Program is for you...

Receive three emails within a week in an exclusive Email mini-course with insight building information as well as tools you can use.

Topics of the course include: 
❤︎ Love Relationships
❤︎ Self-Care
❤︎ Social Considerations

**Be sure to open the confirmation email and click the link to "activate' for your emails to begin.


Grief, Fertility & New Parent


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Fertility & Infertility Support

Serving Illinois & Indiana for Counseling  ❤︎ National Online Self-Guided Programs 

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Useful Fertility & Infertility Resources




Infertility Websites
RESOLVE: The National  Infertility Association 
Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology from American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Fertility IQ
Fruitful Fertility
World Health Organization

Specific Reproductive Health Issue Websites

The Endometriosis Association

PCOS Awareness Association (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

The Fibroid Foundation

Rh Incompatibility from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Early Menopause (Premature Ovarian Failure)

Adenomyosis Advice Association

Hyster Sisters (Hysterectomy Support)

Save My Fertility (Cancer in Child Bearing Years)

Alliance for Fertility Preservation (Cancer in Child Bearing Years)


Marriage & Relationships Websites  Website with articles about various aspects of marriage and family situations.

Adoption & Foster Care Websites
North American Counsel on Adoptable Children
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Pregnancy Loss Websites
SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Inc
My Miscarriage Matters
A Heartbreaking Choice Support for when a pregnancy ended due to selective reduction or medical concerns for the mother or fetus.     
Silent Grief Books and chat groups concerning pregnancy loss. 
Avery's Garden Artwork and inspiration surrounding pregnancy loss.


Downloadable Articles

The Gift of Carefree Timelessness July 2018 written by Julie Blackburn LCPC, NCC, ATR published in The Perpetual You
6 Tips to Putting Pesky Ruminating Thoughts to Rest... And You Too! April 12, 2018 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR
Remember the Grieving Mother on Mother's Day  May 12, 2017 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR
Emotional Health During Fertility Struggles  written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR