Common Counseling Topics

❤︎ Intense Emotions & Stress Management

❤︎ Mindfulness & Relaxation Techniques
❤︎ Strength Based & Positive Psychology

❤︎ Approaches to Resiliency

❤︎ Loss History

❤︎ Values, Decisions & Inconguencies
❤︎ Adjusting Family & Friend Relationships
❤︎ Self Esteem & Identity Issues

❤︎ Spiritual and Faith Considerations

❤︎ Disenfranchised Grief - not socially recognized & grieving in isolation

❤︎ Personal Creativity and Humor as Strengths

❤︎ Work/Employment/Retirement

Common Grief Topics

❤︎ What to Expect in Grief

❤︎ Significant Life Adjustment after Loss

❤︎ Types of Grievers

❤︎ Secondary Losses

❤︎ Complicated or Compounded Grief 
❤︎ Traumatic Loss 
❤︎ Delayed Grief Reactions
❤︎ Anticipatory Grief

❤︎ Friend and Family Relationships

❤︎ More than the Emotions of Grief

❤︎ Determining a New Way of Living

❤︎ Stories of  the Death, Caring and Living

❤︎ Tender & Tough Aspects of the Relationship

❤︎ Oscillation between Grief & Attending to Life

❤︎ Symptoms of Stress Exhaustion

❤︎ Honoring Loved One's Legacy

❤︎ Loved One All Around You

Common Fertility Topics

❤︎ Understanding Infertility
❤︎ Marital Stresses when Trying to Conceive (TTC)
❤︎ Primary Infertility / Secondary Infertility
❤︎ Newly Diagnosed Infertility

❤︎ Identity, Body Image & Diagnostic Testing

❤︎ Roller Coaster of Treatment Cycles
❤︎ Unsuccessful Medical Interventions

❤︎ Family Building Options
❤︎ Grief of Miscarriage or Still Birth loss
❤︎ Selective Reduction Decisions
❤︎ Secondary Losses due to 
❤︎ Rekindling Romance
❤︎ Cultural Influences to Family Building

❤︎ Ending Treatment Decisions

❤︎ Living Child-Free
❤︎ Donor Options & Surrogacy
❤︎ Parents through Adoption
❤︎ Parents through Foster Care

Expecting, Waiting & New Parents

❤︎ Understand Symptoms of PMAD (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders)

❤︎ Intense Worry or Scary Thoughts
❤︎ Prior Pregnancy Losses and Rainbow Child
❤︎ Mind-Body-Spirit Connection with Sleep, Nutrition, & Self Care

❤︎ New Parenting Role, Identity & Self Concept

❤︎ Developing & Changes in Routines
❤︎ Uncertain Communication with Baby

❤︎ Working as a Couple
❤︎ Utilizing or Developing Support
❤︎ Extended Family Boundaries
❤︎ Family Traditions and Culture

❤︎ Single Parenting

❤︎ Adoption Parenting

❤︎ Foster Parenting

Chartreuse Center 



(Only Accepting NEW Group Participants at this time)

There are times in our lives when our past coping strategies no longer helping us in our current situation.  Chartreuse Center is here for those times.

 Chartreuse Center Counseling is intended to be short term and focused on deepening your understanding of your life.  Some sessions focus on education; other sessions offer coping strategies; other times, you will explore your life in different ways to strengthen your relationship with yourself and truly evolve.  This is amazing self work and YOU are worth it!


Complimentary Phone Consultations begin the counseling process.  You can expect to speak for 15-30 minutes. Together, you and Julie speak to determine the compatibility of your life concern and Chartreuse Center"s specialization. Julie is compassionate and understands the importance of your first step toward counseling.  Fees and Insurance are discussed on this call so you are fully aware of the cost of your sessions. Referrals are provided when appropriate.

Next Step with Virtual Tele-Health Sessions

Before your Initial Session, you will be invited to the Patient Portal andVSee, the HIPAA compliant virtual session software.  Be sure to complete the paperwork in the portal and download VSee. 

Virtual Initial Session

The first session is called an Intake Session.   This first session generally is 60-75 minutes. Necessary paperwork such as New Client Forms, Informed Consent, Privacy Practices, and self rated scales that are appropriate for your situation will be discussed.   Various parts of your life will be discussed to clarify your focus for counseling.    

Short-Term & Focused Virtual Counseling Sessions

You will experience profound growth during your counseling sessions. You can expect to gain useful insight and skills to deepen your personal understanding.  Adlerian, narrative, grief theory and art therapy approaches are utilized to help you understand your life and current struggle.

Some folks may need a few sessions while others may benefit from on-going support.  Your counseling needs are unique to you and you can expect individualized care.  The counseling process begins with weekly sessions for approximately a month and then time between appointments is extended in order for you to apply knowledge and grow your confidence in new skills.

You will graduate from counseling with a rich understanding of your situation, appreciation for your strengths and techniques to apply to this struggle and other life situations.

Fees & Insurance

Most Counseling Clients prefer private pay for services due to the tender content of our work together.

Chartreuse Center has made a careful decision to not participate in HMO or managed care programs in order to best meet your needs.  At this time, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO for Illinois is the only accepted insurance program accepted. 

This decision affords you some added benefits:
❤︎ You receive the highest level of confidentiality and quality in care since I do not share your history or personal information with your insurance company.
❤︎ A psychiatric diagnosis is not reported or added to your medical history record.
❤︎ Together, we determine duration and focus of therapy.  We are not limited by insurance parameters.
❤︎ If your insurance does permit you to work with an Out-of-Network Provider, I will provide you with a monthly statement that you may submit to your insurance company.  Your insurance will then reimburse you according to provisional terms.

You are responsible for payment at the time of the counseling session.  Payment is accepted as cash, check or credit/debit through your patient portal.​

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