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Meditative & reflective Art Making

Start your day with others with mindful, reflective art making.  Online group is offered 2 days a week.  Format includes:

❤︎ Inspirational quote, poem or reading

❤︎ Art making

❤︎ Journaling, writing

❤︎ Time for sharing.

This program is great for  anyone interested in communal art space, caregivers, those that are homebound and stay at home parents.

"Pay in Full" BONUS Those that pay in full at the time of registration receive a sketchbook and water color medium (varies) care package.

Grief SUPPORT Through StoryTelling

Do you remember when?  Capture your memories and your story of grief.  This program offers topics and ways of exploring important aspects of life using writing, imagery, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as tapping as you explore and share stories of your life with your Loved One.  Separate groups for bereaved Spouses/Partners, Loss of Child, Sibling Loss and Loss of Parents.

Topics include:
❤︎  The Story of Loss
❤︎  The Story of Living with Loved One
❤︎  The Story of Love
❤︎  The Day in the Life Of...
❤︎  The Story of Good times and Bad
❤︎  The Story of Special Moments 
❤︎. Other Topics may include caregiving, illness, humor, values, meeting, pressure points, favorite things, etc. based on the group.

"Pay in Full" BONUS Those that pay in full at the time of registration will receive a sketchbook and colored pencils care package.

 Your Friend in Grief - Miscarriage
 8 Week Group

 $20/Week​ ($160 total)

New Groups begin on January 22, 2024.  Each group is 8 weeks with an extra week considered for life happenings if it needs to be rescheduled or if you need to make up a week.  Some groups will have a delayed start for a number of reasons.  If you are interested in a group, please still register and you will be notified when the next group will begin.

 Your Story of Grief - Loss of Parent, Sibling, Family Member
 8 Week Group - Next Group in April 2024

 $20/Week​ ($160 total)

 Heart Connection - Inspired, Meditative Art Group
 8 Week Group - 2 days/ Mon & Wed

 $40/Week​ ($320 total)

 Your Story of Grief - Loss of Spouse/Partner
 8 Week Group

 $20/Week​  ($160 total)

*Only Julie will review your registration answers in preparation for the groups.

 Your Story of Grief - Loss of Child
 8 Week Group

 $20/Week​ ($160 total)

Your friend in grief - Newly Bereaved Grief Group

Focus: Miscarriage

Your loss is important in your life.  And no loss is more important than yours.  Let me tell you... there are lots of right ways to grieve.  Join a group that will help you learn about grief and begin to understand your new way of living.

Topics include:

❤︎  The impact of grief in your life

❤︎  Many RIGHT WAYS of grieving

❤︎  Understanding and broadening support in your life 

❤︎  Coping Strategies

❤︎  Gifts and Lessons Learned from Loved One

❤︎  Surviving Holidays and Special Occasions

❤︎. Topics are also determined by the group members that sign up

"Pay in Full" BONUS Those that pay in full at the time of registration receive a Notebook and colored pens or markers care package.

registration Now Open for online Programs!

flexibility for real life

Online programs have been available through Chartreuse Center since 2016.  For the general public, online groups have become the norm since 2020.  There are many benefits to online programs and why Chartreuse Center continues of offer these programs.  

⇢ Stay in the comfort of YOUR home.  Just need a computer and internet access. 

⇢ Perfect for those with busy lives, caregivers, or traveling.  Anytime, anywhere... Your don't have to miss a meeting.

⇢ Accessible quality support and connection for those that may not have these supports in their local area.
⇢ Meet others that are experiencing loss too,
⇢ Learn about various aspects and ways of experiencing grief.
⇢ Identify coping strategies that will help you with this loss and in life.

Each group meets for 8 consecutive weeks, with 1 extra week if life happens and it needs to be rescheduled or made up. 

Cost:  $20/meeting ($160 total)  You will have the option to purchase with weekly payments or one payment.  It's flexible to meet your needs.  Look for the Pay in Full BONUS - $30 Value...each group offers something a little different for this.

*** Groups and online programs are not intended to replace individual counseling.  Please seek counseling in your area as you need.

Groups Schedule january 22 - March 11

Serving Illinois & Indiana for Counseling  ❤︎ National Online Self-Guided Programs 


Grief, Fertility & New Parent


 Heart Connection - Inspired, Meditative Art Group
 8 Week Group - 1 day/week

 $20/Week​ ($160 total)