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Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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Embrace Your Center offers podcast episodes, positive intentions and blog articles for infertility, fertility, perinatal issues, parenting and grief.  Available on iTunes and GooglePlay.  

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Family Dream
Growth Through Infertility Depression to Awareness
Holiday Survival

Perinatal and Parenting Support

Pregnancy after fertility struggles or parenting are not what you expected.

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Grief & Loss

Your heart is broken and your life is upside down as you grieve.

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Chartreuse Learning offers individual courses of the Holiday Survival program through December
Chartreuse Center offers online courses to address topics surrounding infertility, fertility, parenting and grief.  Open enrollment is available for each individual course based on your needs.  The courses were created to be used as a complete bundled course.  The courses certainly build upon each other.

6 weeks of lessons that include:

  1. Identify your hurts

  2. Explore holiday expectations

  3. Make a plan

  4. Understand your support

  5. Realistic self care

  6. Understanding how to prepare for other special days

Here's some things you can expect:
* Each course will have three lessons that you can attend to at your own pace.
* This is an interactive course and you will be asked to do your own creative reflection. You may want to have colored pencils, markers, crayons and paper handy.
* There will be some points you will be asked to share.  Please share at your comfort level.

* If there is a clear link to other courses, you will be offered unique bundles with the other courses that provide accompanying information. 

Enrollment will conclude on December 31st.  When you purchase the course, you will continue to have access throughout the year. I'll see you in the course!

Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

​​​​Chartreuse Learning - Artful Online Courses

Online courses offer flexibility and convenience for your life. Artful learning for life situations surrounding fertility & infertility, grief, and parenting. 

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Compassion & Support is here!

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I look forward to hearing from you. Since, Chartreuse Center has an exclusive focus, I offer complimentary phone consultations in order to determine compatibility of your specific needs and Chartreuse Center's services. The phone call is approximately 15 minutes and your initial session may be scheduled at that time.  The best method to begin the process is to submit the Information Request below and I will contact you as soon as I am able. ​​You can expect calls to be returned during between 8-9pm.

**If you choose to call for the consultation, please know I may be with a client or may be unavailable to answer at that exact moment.  I will return your call when I am available.  

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​​​Fertility Issues

Trying to conceive isn't as simple as you thought it would. 

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 Specialized Counseling Services for

Fertility Issues, Parenting Concerns and Grief 

Reduce aloneness... Enhance coping...Deepen insight

Feel Like YOU Again.

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Empowerment for You

Restore Your Heart

I created Chartreuse Center with you in mind. I'm here to tell you, there is hope and growth through your pain and struggle.  It may be hard to believe at this point.  You will find yourself again.   You will merge your previous self with the knowledge you gain from this situation and emerge with a greater appreciation for your life and those around you.  

You are looking for something... something to help you feel like yourself again and as quickly as possible.

  • A reduced a sense of isolation; feeling understood and accepted
  • Understanding of your emotions,  reactions to social situations, and how to cope
  • Clarifying expectations of your friendship and family relationships
  • Identifying the type of support you seek from relationships and how to obtain support
  • Redefining a sense of "self" based on new stage of life
  • A renewed self esteem and your confidence will return
  • Improvement in communication and connection in your marriage and love relationships

I made a clear decision to specialize in order to provide YOU with expertise you deserve and exceptional care to help you move through your experience, understand your struggle, realign your core and restore your heart.   

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Hello, I'm Julie Blackburn, founder of Chartreuse Center.

Tidal Wave of Grief

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​offered in-person in Orland Park, IL or through distance counseling for Illinois residents

If you are a provider, contact me for complimentary fertility videos for your use in your office.

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