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Art Therapy

Process of counseling including the use of art materials to deepen awareness and increase awareness to life circumstances.

Learn More and Register for your group.  Registration is open some groups will have a delayed start due to requests.  Pay in Full BONUS - $30 Value...each group offers something a little different for this.

reflective Art Making

Start your day with others with mindful, reflective art making.  Online group is offered 2 days a week.  Format includes inspirational quote, poem or reading; art making; writing; time for sharing. This program is great for caregivers, those that are homebound, stay at home parents or anyone interested in communal art space.

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Julie Blackburn
New Parent Support

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flexibility for real life

Grief Support

It takes courage to seek and reach out for help.  

Not everyone is looking for counseling... 

❤︎ You may be just starting to seek information... Take a look around the website and check out your area of concern.  You will find resources, websites, and videos to get you started.

❤︎ You may enjoy self-help books and chat groups.  You may really value the National Online Programs.  These are self-guided educational tools that help you dive deeper to better understand YOUR situation.  These programs are an excellent compliment to counseling as well.

❤︎ You may realize it's time to reach out for counseling support.  Counseling services are available for Illinois & Indiana residents.

Fertility Issues & Infertility SUPPORT

Trying to conceive isn't as simple as you thought.

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Owner of Chartreuse Center

Expecting, Waiting &

New Parents

Pregnancy or parenting are not what you expected. This includes adoptive, foster, single & same sex parents and parenting grandparents.

Chartreuse Center Services

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National Online Programs

Online courses offer self-guided support and convenience for your life. Any time, Any where flexibility.

Chartreuse Center Community Programs

Groups Schedule january 22 - March 11

Newly Bereaved Grief Group

Your loss is important in your life.  And no loss is more important than yours.  Let me tell you... there are lots of right ways to grieve.  Join a group that will help you learn about grief and begin to understand your new way of living.  Group Focus:  Miscarriage

Grief SUPPORT Through StoryTelling

Do you remember when?  Capture your memories and your story of grief.  Online program with the option to participate in group meetings. Separate groups for bereaved Spouses/Partners, Loss of Child, Sibling Loss and Loss of Parents.

1in8 Fertility Support


Hi There,

You are looking for something... something to help you feel like yourself again and as quickly as possible.  I find most folks want the roadmap, the blueprint, the lesson plan.  

I created Chartreuse Center with you in mind.  I'm here to tell you, there is hope and growth through your pain and struggle.  It may be hard to believe at this point.  You will find yourself again.   You will merge your previous self with the knowledge you gain from this situation and emerge with a greater appreciation for your life and those around you.

Counseling and self-guided online programs are designed around what works... You know that roadmap? Well, the self-guided programs are set up to give you meaningful information & effective tools that help you in your situation. The "roadmap," if you will, to best understand YOUR personal transformation, right here, right now.

Counseling or self-guided online programs compassionately guide you to;
❤︎ A reduced a sense of isolation; feeling understood and accepted
❤︎ Understand your emotions, reactions to social situations, and how to cope
❤︎ Clarify expectations of your friendship and family relationships
❤︎ Identify the type of support you seek from relationships and how to obtain support
❤︎ Redefine a sense of "self" based on new stage of life
❤︎ Renew your self esteem and your confidence builds
❤︎ Improve communication and connection in your marriage and love relationships

I made a clear decision to specialize in order to provide YOU with expertise you deserve and exceptional care to help you move through your experience, understand your struggle, realign your core and restore your heart.  

My heart is with you,

      Julie Blackburn, LCPC, LMHC, NCC, ATR ​

Business & Community Programs

Online programs designed for specific business & community organizations. 
❤︎ Hospice Bereavement 
❤︎ Fertility Clinics
❤︎ Law Enforcement Families

Connect ❤︎ Explore ❤︎ Inspire ❤︎ Transform 

Bereavement & Grief SUPPORT

Your heart is broken and your life is upside down as you grieve the loss of a Loved One.

Chartreuse Center National Online Programs

New Groups begin on January 22, 2024.  Each group is 8 weeks with an extra week considered for life happenings if it needs to be rescheduled or if you need to make up a week.    If you are interested, please still register and you will be contacted with the next group start date.