Interactive Courses for YOU, the person, the couple living with fertility and infertility. 

Embrace YOU! Survive Fertility, Reclaim Life is offered as a complete course with bonus material or can be viewed through individual modules based on your interests.  You benefit from professionally informed content with some gentle insight from personal experiences with the goal to help you navigate your fertility and family building.  

Move beyond the blog and benefit from professionally informed content with some gentle insight from personal experiences with the goal to help you

  • gain useful insight to navigate your life situation
  • explore changes, self reflect, and deepen understanding through experiential learning
  • receive support in with privacy and flexibility- you can experience the programs on your desktop, tablet or even on your phone

Keeping the Love Alive

Focus on Love Relationships For Better & For Worse


Survive Fertility, Reclaim Life Series

Includes all courses with bonus materials, videos, experientials & private online community with life weekly interactive discussion.

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Embrace YOU! Online Courses

Anytime, Anywhere Support

All About


Coping & Thriving as You Get Back to Being YOU


Reclaim Your Emotions

Making Sense of the Unexplainable Emotions of

Fertility, Infertility & Family Building

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Complimentary Course  

Basics of Surviving Fertility

- Basics of Grief of Infertility

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Survive, Thrive and Reclaim Joy

Anytime, Anywhere 

Fertility Well Being Support

Live in an area with limited support? 

Busy life that requires flexibility?

Not be comfortable in a group setting?

 3 Lessons per Course = 
​3x the insight & real life tools

Additional Courses to

Launch in 2018

Artful Fertility Community

Support library, weekly Facebook Lives, and artful, intentional discussion throughout the week.

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"The prompts/exercises/invitations, examples and your personal sharing were most helpful." 

- Lisa C.

Specialized Counseling for

Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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Disclaimer: It's important to note what this program is not... It is not a replacement for mental health counseling though it can be a great supplement to compliment your therapy.  It is not a Continuing Education class.  It is not legal, financial or medical information.

Achieving the Family Dream

Options in Family Building from a Interpersonal and Relationship Perspective




Navigating a Fertile World that Just Doesn't "Get It"