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Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

90-Day Positivity Bootcamp

Increase Positivity and Joy in 3 Months

This course is full of insight building artfulness!  

  • Practice and develop consistency with daily affirmations and intentions.
  • Explore topics to help recognize sabotaging happiness blockers and energy suckers
  • Learn techniques to expand your view of joy.

3 Lessons of FREE Content 

  • Prevalence of Fertility Concerns
  • Basics of Grief of Infertility
  • Areas of Life Adjustment

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Mending Me, Reconnecting with Life After Loss

Mending Me, Reconnecting with Life will focus on feelings, healing, and adjustment of grief as you explore your new way of living after the loss of a loved one.  This is an 6 week course that includes:

  • Weekly grief education delivered to your email inbox 
  • Seasonal topics
  • Artful activities for YOU!

Survive Fertility Reclaim Life

Survive Fertility, Reclaim Life has a variety of topics that will help you navigate fertility challenges.  Topics include:

  • ​Reconnecting with Love Relationships
  • Social Connections
  • Mindfulness and Self Care
  • The Grief of Fertility Struggles

Enrollment will open soon.  In the meantime, receive 4 Positive Intentions when you sign up for emails for the upcoming course.

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Disclaimer: It's important to note what this program is not... It is not a replacement for mental health counseling though it can be a great supplement to compliment your therapy.  It is not a Continuing Education class.  It is not legal, financial or medical information.

   These programs are self-help directed for your personal growth to learn from professionally and personally informed content.  These courses include education, some art based self reflection and require an openness to personal insight and growth.

Surviving New Parenting

Surviving New Parenting is a 6 week program that focuses on the emotional, relational and social aspects of new parenting.   Topics include:

  • Love relationships and a new family member...
  • Sleep, nutrition and living as a new parent
  • Learning how to manage schedules
  • New expectatations
  • Kind limits and family values

Holiday Survival

6 Week Course that includes educational, artful interaction and further exploration to move from apprehension to comfort for the holidays.   

  • Understand Your Holiday Hurts
  • Holiday Traditions & Expectations
  • Make a Plan for YOU
  • Self Care for the Holidays
  • Your Holiday Circle of Support
  • Lessons Learned - Using the Toolsfor other events in the year.

Complimentary Course

Basics of Surviving Fertility

​Embrace You! online programs are offered as complete courses with a build of educational information, art based activity and mindfulness and tools you can use in everyday life.  Enrollment occurs throughout the year and then closes for the course to begin.  There is always an opportunity for an Early Enrollment 40% discount at the start of enrollment. 

You benefit from professionally informed content with some gentle insight from personal experiences with the goal to help you

  • gain useful insight to navigate your life situation
  • explore changes, self reflect, and deepen understanding through experiential learning
  • receive support in with privacy and flexibility- you can experience the programs on your desktop, tablet or even on your phone

Chartreuse Learning

Artful Online Courses

Anytime, Anywhere Support

You can expect artfulness, personal growth and tools for every day life.  My presentation style is professional, direct, conversational and sometimes sassy. I love to share and help you through.

            ~Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

Fertility Transitions

So many adjustments and mixed feelings as you move from "Trying To Conceive" to pregnancy.  Your identity, your concerns, your body, your life is beginning to focus on a new person that is about to be the center of your life. What does that mean exactly? This is course is a bit different in that it is an open enrollment so that you can join when you achieve pregnancy.  This course provides information for 6 months.  Course includes:

  • Weekly Positive Intentions
  • Artful activities that help you connect to your life
  • Coping strategies for appointments, events and addressing worries that arise.

Specialized Services for Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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