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Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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Useful Grief & Loss Resources

Specialized Services for Grief & Loss

Held in my Heart

Life Changes

  • Adaptation to life with our Loved One
  • Adjusting Family & Friend Relationships
  • ​Self Esteem & Identity Issues
  • Work/Employment/Retirement Considerations
  • ​Anticipating and Planning for Holidays and Special Days
  • Changes in faith due to Loss
  • Social and Cultural Expectations
  • ​The Reality of Living with Grief

Creative Interventions

  • Art Therapy
  • Poetry
  • Musical Influences
  • Creative Exploration of Relationship with Loved One, Family, Life, Values and Yourself

"Mending Me" Grief Group - Soon to be an Online Community
This Art Therapy group explores our new identity after experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Life changes are experienced on many levels including roles, family relationships, friendships, and views and beliefs about our personal identity.  A variety of expressive techniques will be utilized to explore our new way of living. 

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Mini Course

Loss is experienced throughout life through significant changes over time.   It seems that you may be able to adjust and accept change in some situations.  Then, there are other situations that you find you may have difficulty sharing with people, have a hard time concentrating or getting motivated, or have feelings at an intensity you never have experienced before.  You are learning how to live without your Loved One, you may feel like a stranger to yourself and you are forever changed because of this loss.

Your grief is unique to you, and is without comparison. I am passionate about bereavement and I want to hear about your Loved One.  You will receive individualize, compassionate care and assistance  to  guide you through your experience of adjusting to a new way of living.


Pregnancy Loss

Anticipated Grief and Loss of Child

End Of Life Education & Care

Support for Children

  • When Families Grieve Sesame Street Workshop to help children and parents with loss and grief.  www.sesamestreet.org/toolkits/grief
  • Sesame Street Toolkits Website offers useful tools, videos and handouts regarding many parenting issues including emotions, military living, growing up, science, and even living with asthma.  No cost registration gives parents additional support resources.   www.sesamestreet.org/toolkits

Survivors of Suicide & Suicide Prevention

Downloadable Articles

Grieving Your Pet May 31, 2017 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

Remember the Grieving Mother on Mother's DayMay 12, 2017 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

Grief Program

Comprehensive Support for Grief & Loss

Receive three emails within a week in an exclusive Email mini-course with insight building information as well as tools you can use.

Topics of the course include: 

  • Life Relationships
  • Self-Care

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Reduce feeling alone... Enhance coping...Deepen insight

Understanding Grief

  • Sharing your loss
  • Stages of Grief & Tasks of Grief
  • Loss History
  • Types of Grievers
  • Secondary Losses
  • Complicated or Compounded Grief Experiences
  • Traumatic Loss 
  • Delayed Grief Reactions
  • Anticipatory Grief​​
  • Spiritual Considerations in Grief
  • Moving Through Grief

Intense Emotions & Stress Management

  • Coping with Stress of Life Changes due to Loss
  • Become familiar with Your Intensity of Emotions 
  • Mindfulness & Awareness to Personal Stressors
  • Strength Based & Positive Psychology Approaches to Resiliency
  • Personal Creativity and Humor as Strengths
  • Oscillation between grief & attending to life 
  • Relationship to Emotional Pain in association to the Loss or Death Experience.
  • Recognize Symptoms of Stress Exhaustion