Specialized Counseling for

Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

This may be the first time seeking support services for life challenges.  It is common to have some apprehension prior to a first counseling session.  Informed Consent to Counseling Form and information from the New Client Information & History Form will be reviewed in the initial session.

At the time of scheduling your initial session, you will be invited to Patient Ally to complete the initial paperwork prior to your first visit.  The forms are available here for you to reference and will be reviewed with you during the initial session.  Self rated scales may be completed in the first session based on the nature of your issues to best understand how therapy may be of assistance for you.  The subsequent sessions will be tailored to meet your counseling needs and life goals.

New Client Information and History Form

Release & Obtain Information between Chartreuse Center and another Provider

Informed Consent for Counseling

Art Therapy Agreement

Notice of Privacy Practices

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New Client Forms

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