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Remember the Grieving Mother on Mother's Day  May 12, 2017 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

Emotional Health During Fertility Struggles April 5, 2018 written by Julie Blackburn, LCPC, NCC, ATR

Fertility and infertility groups and workshops are excellent opportunities to meet other folks with similar experiences.  At times, you may feel uncomfortable or misunderstood when talking with family and friends at best.  At the worst, you may feel isolated, disconnected, ignored or placated.  You are among those that will accept you as your authentic self and you will be in company that you no longer need to convince that what you are experiencing is real. I look forward to meeting you at the programs.

For some, creating a family comes easily.  For others, it is accompanied with countless appointments with a variety of professionals who all have a similar goal - help you create a family.  

​Creating a family begins with hopes and dreams that can  quickly shatter when a pregnancy is lost or you are given information of an underlying health issue that is interfering with your fertility.  Or you sit in the abyss of Unknown Infertility and begin to question or blame yourself.  

Chartreuse Center was created for you.  Your experience is unique to you, just as mine was for me. Few counseling professionals specialize in fertility concerns, infertility, and grief.  Chartreuse Center offers valuable service through attentiveness to your personal situation.  You have our promise to companion you to growth and empowerment.​

Comprehensive Support for Fertility Issues

Useful Fertility & Infertility Resources

Specialized Counseling for

Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

Life Changes

  • Coping as a Couple & Marrital Stress
  • Adjusting Family & Friend Relationships
  • ​Self Esteem & Identity Issues
  • Living Child-Free
  • Spiritual and Faith Considerations
  • Family & Cultural Influences to Family Building

Family Building Options

  • Donor Options
  • Surrogacy
  • Parents through Adoption
  • Parents through Foster Care

Adoption & Foster Parents

  • Anxiety Surrounding the Home Study for an Adoption or Foster Care Placement
  • Terminated Adoption Plans for Adoptive Parents
  • Completed Foster Care Placements
  • Decisions Surrounding Foster Care Placements​

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1-in-8 Infertility Awareness

Embrace YOU! Survive Fertility, Reclaim Life Courses
These self-guided educational and interactive courses are for women and couples that enjoy the benefit of flexibility and privacy of engaging when you want and where you want. The courses can be purchased individually or in an extended course format based on your interest and needs.  This program is not intended to replace mental health counseling.  Tips, tricks, and insight are offered to help you better understanding your life as you are trying to conceive with fertility struggles.

Learn more about Embrace YOU! 

​Infertility Treatment Online Group 
Beginning in 2018, the Infertility Treatment  women only group will be held weekly within an online platform.  This group is for women who are only within a treatment cycle.  It is offered online in order to help manage treatment appointment, work and stresses that arise. 

Specialized Services for Fertililty Issues

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Fertility & Infertility Programs

Understanding Infertility

  • Difficulties Conceiving
  • Primary Infertility - no successful pregnancies
  • Secondary Infertility - fertility issues after successful pregnancies
  • Newly Diagnosed Infertility

Intense Emotions & Stress Management

  • Coping with Stress of Diagnostic Testing & Reproductive Medical Treatments
  • Emotions due to Unsuccessful Medical Interventions
  • Mindfulness & Awareness to Personal Stressors
  • Strength Based & Positive Psychology Approaches to Resiliency
  • Explore Adult Developmental Considerations to Incongruences

Grief & Loss

  • Miscarriage
  • Still Birth loss
  • ​Selective Reduction
  • Secondary Losses due to Fertility Challenges
  • Disenfranchised Grief - not socially recognized & grieving in isolation
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