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Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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Added Benefits of Concierge Services

  • Collaboration -  Your unique history and situation will be evaluated in the first session and in partnership, we will discuss your goals and plan for our time together.
  • No Insurance Mental Health Diagnosis - Did you know that a mental health diagnosis is necessary for your counseling treatment to be reimbursed?  You will not be assigned a mental health diagnosis for insurance reimbursement. You will have the utmost privacy since your personal history will not be shared with insurance companies.
  • Extended Session Time -  You will have extended session time of 90 minutes to fully explore your issue when the typical therapy session is limited to a 45 minute or 60 minute time frame.  
  • High Level of Importance - While you are in this program, we will be in contact throughout the month to monitor your progress.   
  • Increased Accessibility - You will have options to have sessions in office or through HIPPA compliant tele health platform (VSEE), and you will have the option to meet more often than once a week.  Weekend and evening sessions are available for you.​​

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Concierge therapy is an exclusive service that is only offered to a limited number of individuals at a time.  Only 8 concierge clients are accepted each month.  This allows for you to receive intimate and high level client care that traditional therapy does not afford. You have chosen excellence in your doctors to help you build your family, you deserve the same for your Mind-Body-Spirit healing.  This therapy is only for private pay clients.

"Next Level" Fertility Services

"Next Level" Boutique Services

You have some options to create your ideal support program.  Each service package offers extended session times, regular communication throughout your contract, individualized weekly mindful intentions to incorporate into your daily routine.  You can choose to meet once a week or more often if you prefer.  You have the option to meet in the office, through video counseling or by phone.  

6 Session (90 minute sessions) Concierge Services = $1680

8 Session (90 minute sessions) Concierge Services = $2240

10 Session (90 minute sessions) Concierge Services = $2800

Payment is accepted through debit or credit , cash or check.  If you choose to pay in two payments, you will need to pay the first installment at the start of your contract and the second installment is due at the midpoint of your contract.

After your Contract is Complete

You have a number of options once your Concierge Contract is completed.  You may decide you would like another contract for additional services, you may decide to participate in traditional therapy services for on-going, less intensive support, or you will reach out if future support is needed. The choice is yours.

I look forward to helping you through your family building struggles.  You are not alone.  You will conclude services with a greater understanding of your needs and with techniques that you can use now and in future situations.

Exclusive Fertility Therapy

Request your free 15 minute consultation learn more about Chartreuse Center Exclusive Fertility Services and you will receive personal contact from me, Julie.  I look forward to working with you.

Highly Focused Services

When will I feel better?  Isn't there a lesson plan for this?  These are common questions I am frequently asked at the beginning of therapy.  I created a "next level" of therapy - Concierge Services with extended session times, higher frequency of sessions in a more condensed time frame, and an individualized treatment plan determined together during your first session.  90 minute sessions are structured to include education, interactive treatment and designated coping strategies.  We will communicate regularly throughout the month and you will receive mindful intention emails on a weekly basis to incorporate throughout your day.   This level of services is right for you if you are looking for concise information,  would like regular contact with your therapist, are invested in your healing, and interested in intimate short term treatment.

As you navigate your fertility, specific areas of your life are changing.  Together, we will address key aspects of your life that are challenging.  Some sessions will be focused on your learning and applying new information to your life.  Other sessions are tailored to your unique needs.  This time is for you.

Targeted Sessions

Targeted sessions will incorporate key elements.  In your initial session, we will review your history and determine your plan of care.   Each session will expand your self knowledge and deepen your possibilities for self care. 

Targeted sessions may include:

  • Exploring personal strengths through your loss history
  • Develop an understanding of painful emotions through fertility struggles
  • Setting kind limits in social and family situations while exploring fertility
  • Identify personal values and views of fertility treatment
  • Explore relationship with your body and address body image issues
  • Treatment options and family building options
  • Improve connection and communication within your love relationship (partner included in session)
  • Self advocating with medical staff and family members
  • Spirituality Struggles
  • How to best utilize your support system
  • Quieting your inner critic or worry
  • Self care and reclaiming joy
  • New Dreams - incorporating losses and changes in your life
  • New Perspectives through fertility struggles
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