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Get your day or week started out with some positive thinking.  I enjoy making these short clips for you.​      

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Chartreuse Center's Blog consists of articles and podcast media.  It's a valuable resource that you can utilize throughout your struggle or just simply looking for more information or a fresh perspective.  This information is for you!  

​Embrace Your Center Podcast

Embrace Your Center offers useful information to adjusting to living with fertility issues, perinatal concerns or grief.  Discover your authentic self as you explore your new life.  Embrace Your Center provides insight to further your self exploration and therapy experience or if you are simply looking for some information as you navigate and begin your search for understanding.  Hear episodes at www.julieblackburnlcpc.com, iTunes or Google Play.

Here are a few of the most recent posts from the blog and podcast.  When you click on an article, it will lead you to the other website.  It's there where you can search by category. 

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Way too much clutter on the web!

I tend to think there is way too much clutter on the web!  I know... I'm here, too.  My intention is to give you some useful information.  I'm sure that's everyone's initial reason for putting information out there.  Unfortunately, it becomes a mess of opinion, misinformation, and randomness in search results.  

As a therapist and professional, I spend much time working to find resources and useful websites for my own clients and for my own professional knowledge. I only reference websites and resources within each service area in this website that I have reviewed myself.  Additionally, I create articles and a podcast for you, too.  The content is pulled from years of experience, observation and knowledge.  It's intended to meet you where you are in life.   The Positive Intentions are a part of this support tools you can use right away.  

Not everyone is in need of therapy... Sometimes, supportive and useful information fits the bill.  Hopefully, you will be able to find some thing of use for you.

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