Art Therapy is an exciting field of work, full of awakening awareness.   It is nothing short of amazing to experience folks finally breathe and deepen their relationship with their own spirit, thoughts and heart as if they are seeing themselves for the first time. Art Therapy is so much more than crafts or colored pencils used in session.  If you choose to work with an Art Therapist, it's important you are aware that Art Therapists are minimally Master's Level Trained with education about Art Therapy Assessment, Intervention and Theory, are credentialed through the Art Therapy Credentialing Board and uphold a Code of Ethics.

Art Therapy is a  useful modality to explore emotions, develop awareness, and learn about the self.  Intense emotions and thoughts can be held in the body. The process of art making connects the mind, the body and the spirit. Art Therapy interventions  provides a safe space to explore those intense emotions, intrusive thoughts and difficult issues that are sometimes hard to explain with words.  New solutions to problems can also be explored through art making.

The goals of Art Therapy include communication, expression and healing. This is an insight oriented therapeutic approach. The Art Therapist role is to explore unique metaphors and imagery to improve understanding. Art can be created through photography, collage, drawing, painting, sculpting, building, and video.  There is a difference between Art and Expressive Therapies.  Expressive techniques include music, performance art, journaling, poetry and story writing. 

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Specialized Counseling for

Fertility Issues, Perinatal Support & Grief

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Art Therapy Programs

Art Therapy

Surviving Infertility Workshop
This educational and therapy group is for women and couples that are newly confronted with a difficulty with conceiving or newly exploring an infertility diagnosis. This one day interactive workshop will focus on:

  • emotions and understanding your diagnosis
  • coping with tests, treatment and relationships
  • self-esteem and self acceptance
  • defining your family building goals. 

​"Mending Me" Grief Group
This Art Therapy group explores our new identity after experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Life changes are experienced on many levels including roles, family relationships, friendships, and views and beliefs about our personal identity.  A variety of expressive techniques will be utilized to explore our new way of living. 

Creative Intentions Workshops 
This Art Therapy based workshop is offered throughout the year.  Creative Intentions goes beyond coloring books to explore therapeutic art techniques for relaxations, self care, developing self awareness or simply for joy.  No art experience needed - just an interest and courage to try something new.  The art supplies and intention is provided, participants bring their creativity.  This workshop is open to anyone interested in self reflection or exploring their personal creativity. 



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