Specialized Counseling for Infertility, Loss and Grief

Presentations & In-Service Trainings

Chartreuse Center is available for presentations & in-service trainings on topics surrounding infertility, loss, and for church groups, organizations, and schools.

Infertility Topics include:

  • Losses & personal growth through infertility
  • Coping with family, friends, & social media
  • Exploring infertility through the arts
  • Relinquishing past assumptions & creating new expectations
  • Meditation, mindfulness & positive self talk

Loss & Grief Topics include:  

  • Losses & personal growth through grief
  • Help for the Holidays
  • Self care for the Helping Professional
  • Exploring grief through the arts
  • Adjusting relationships and identifying support
  • Meditation, mindfulness & positive self talk

Fee:  $200/ 90 minute interactive presentation

​           Additional cost for art supplies if expressive arts experientials are requested.

           Milage will be included past 20 mile radius from Orland Park, Illinois.

Consultation is available for professionals who are interested in improving services to those who struggle with infertility or bereavement. 

Fee:  $50/hr.  Milage will be included past 20 mile radius from Orland Park, Illinois.

Professional Supervision
Supervision can be individual or in groups for art therapy graduates and LPC professionals.  Call for fees.

Interactive & Art Therapy Workshops

Art Therapy is a  useful modality to explore emotions, develop awareness, and learn about the self.  Intense emotions and thoughts can be held in the body. The process of art making connects the mind and the body and provides a safe space to explore those intense emotions, intrusive thoughts and  difficult issues that are sometimes hard to explain with words.  New solutions to problems can also be explored through art making.

The goals of Art Therapy include communication, expression and healing. This is an insight oriented therapeutic approach. The Art Therapist role is to explore unique metaphors and imagery to improve understanding. 

Art can be created through photography, collage, drawing, painting, sculpting, building, and video.  Expressive techniques include music, performance art, journaling, poetry and story writing. 

Links for more information on Art Therapy :

AATA - American Art Therapy Association

IATA - Illinois Art Therapy Association

ATCB  - Art Therapy Credentialing Board

Counseling and Art Therapy ​​​Groups are useful to learn and connect with others that have similar experiences.  Each group is designed to have educational, expressive, insight and discussion components to provide tools to cope and grow. Registration and a phone interview are required prior to attending a group.  Ask your insurance provider about coverage for therapy groups.

Fee: $120/ person for 4-session group 

Min/Max Participants: 4/12

Location: Counseling and Art Therapy Groups are held at other various locations in the community and in the office at 11309 Distinctive Drive in Orland Park.

Loss is experienced throughout life as one experiences significant changes.   It seems that we may be able to adjust and accept change in some situations.  Then there are other situations that we find we may have difficulty sharing with people, have a hard time concentrating or getting motivated, or have feelings at an intensity we never have experienced before.  Counseling can help for a variety of issues surrounding loss and grief:

  • Bereavement after the death of a  loved one 

  • Tasks and stages of grief

  • Seperation due to military deployment

  • New diagnosis or illness

  • Caring for a loved one with a progressive illness

  • Developing and seeing through an adoption plan for your child

  • Unknown past due to being adopted or in foster care

  • Loss of employment

  • Loss of home

  • Empty home now that children are grown​​

Grief & Loss?

Art Therapy

Groups & Workshops 

Presentations, Consultation & Professional Supervision

Therapy Group Support

Counseling & Art Therapy Services

Infertility Counseling, Bereavement Counseling & Art Therapy

Hours are by appointment only.

Day, Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

​Currently payment is accepted by cash, check and credit for all services. 

Cigna PPO, ComPsych and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance is accepted.  

Out of Network services are fee for service and a billing statement is provided for reimbursement.

Chartreuse Center is not a Medicaid or Medicare provider. 
Chartreuse Center offers 25% reduced rate since Medicaid or Medicare are not accepted.

For some, creating a family comes easily.  For others, it is accompanied with countless appointments with a variety of professionals who all have a similar goal - help you create a family.  Today, families are created in many different ways.  Chartreuse Center can be a support for:

  • Newly Diagnosed Infertility
  •  Stress of Medical Testing and Treatments
  • Emotions due to Unsuccessful Medical Interventions
  • Miscarriage
  • Still Birth loss
  • ​Selective Reduction
  • Exploring Family Building Options
  • Anxiety Surrounding the Home Study for an Adoption or Foster Care Placement
  • Terminated Adoption Plans for Adoptive Parents
  • Completed Foster Care Placements
  • Decisions Surrounding Foster Care Placements

Family Building Support

Tele-Therapy is an excellent option to counseling for those who live in Illinois and may: 

  •  live in a rural area with limited specialized providers for infertility, loss, grief or art therapy;
  • have physical conditions that encourage limited trips outside the home or are  homebound;
  • travel for work or commute a long distance.

Services are provided throughVSee, a secure, HIPAA privacy compliant software.  

Tele-Therapy can also  help maintain progress by reducing missed sessions.  Please inquireif this is a service is of interest. 


Video Based Distance Counseling

Individual Counseling and Art Therapy sessions offer private time for you to discuss the unique issues you are experiencing.  Counseling can help gain awareness, develop coping strategies to address stress and anxiety, recognize triggers that bring forth intense emotions. Art therapy is useful to further self understanding or when the words cannot describe your life experiences. The first session is called an intake session. This first session generally is 60-75 minutes and different parts of your life will be discussed to clarify your focus for counseling.  All other sessions are 50 minutes.  

Fee: $120 for the initial session (approximately 60-75 minute session)

          $100 for individual and couple counseling session (approximately 50 minutes  


         $100/ individual tele-health session (video session)


Location: Sessions are held in a private office at 11309 Distinctive Drive in Orland Park.  This office is shared by other therapists with diverse specializations.  

Infertility Groups

Individual Counseling Support

​​​​​​​​​Surviving Infertility Group 

This educational and therapy group is for women and couples that are newly confronted with a difficulty with conceiving or newly exploring an infertility diagnosis. This group meets 4 consecutive weeks. Focus for this interactive group includes:
-emotions and understanding your diagnosis
-coping with tests, treatment and relationships
-self-esteem and self acceptance
-defining your family building goals. 
Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm 

Dates: April 24-May 15, June 5-June 26, July 24-August 14, September 18-October 9, October 30-November 20.

Fertility Transition
This therapy group is for women who have achieved pregnancy through infertility treatment of any kind and are coping with the transition from cycling to nesting. This is a women only  group. 

Time: TBD
Dates: TBD

​New Mom After Fertility Treatment

This is a women only therapy group for those who struggled to conceive or maintain a pregnancy & are now adjusting to a new family.   Information will be discussed regarding the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression and mood disorders, adjusting to new schedules, relinquishing past assumptions, developing new expectations for support system and self care strategies. 

Time: TBD
Dates: TBD

Loss & Grief Groups

​​​​​Surviving Grief

This educational and therapy group is offered for those in the first year of grief.  The group will provide an understanding of what to expect in tasks and stages of grief, coping strategies for painful emotions, relaxation strategies, self care and life adjustments. Groups are offered for specific losses:

Under 55 Spousal Loss

Loss of Child (of any age)

Loss of Family Member (parent, sibling, etc.)

Loss of Pregnancy
Time: TBD
Dates: TBD

​​Mending Me Grief Group
This Art Therapy group explores our new identity after experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Life changes are experienced on many levels including roles, family relationships, friendships, and views and beliefs about our personal identity.  A variety of expressive techniques will be utilized to explore our new way of living. 
Time: 5:00pm-6:30pm 
Dates: January 16-February 6,  February 20-March 13, April 24-May 15, September 18-October 9, October 30-November 20.

Additional Services

​​​​​​​​Chartreuse Center offers educational and interactive workshops throughout the year.  Some workshops are provided through partnerships.  Locations of the workshops vary and are generally held in the community.   Registration is required for all events. Min/Max is 4/12 unless otherwise noted.  

Essential Oil Series

This workshop can be taken as a series or participants can choose individual sessions based on their interests. This series is offered in partnership with essential oil professionals.  Participants will receive a sample with each session and additional products will be available for purchase based on individual preferences.

Topics include:

  • AromaTouch techniques, relaxation, stress relief, sleep and improved energy
  • Soothing body upsets and aches
  • Natural antibacterials and a healthy home
  • ​Rekindle connection with your spouse or partner

Series is offered based on specific groups such as caregivers, bereaved, those experiencing infertility, and new parents after infertility treatment.

Fee: $100/person for 4-session series

​          $30/person for single topic  in a series

Time: TBD
Dates: TBD

Location: TBD

​​Pet Loss Workshop
2 hour grief workshop to remember beloved pets by creating a memory brick or shadow box.  This workshop is offered in partnership with Kramer Veterinary Services.  Supplies are provided for the activities.  Please bring personal pet items to include in the shadow box.

Fee:  $35/person Memory Brick Activity

            $40/person Shadow Box Activity 

            $45/person Memory Brick & Shadow Box Activity

Time: 6pm-8pm

Upcoming Dates: April 18, May 23, and June 20

Location: Kramer Veterinary Services at 24020 W. Riverwalk Ct., Plainfield, IL.  

Register required: Call a Kramer Veterinary Clinic to register 815-436-8387 or click here to register 

Creative Intentions

This Art Therapy based workshop is offered throughout the year. Creative Intentions goes beyond coloring books to explore therapeutic art techniques for relaxations, self care, developing self awareness or simply for joy. No art experience needed - just an interest and courage to try something new. The art supplies and intention is provided, participants bring their creativity. This workshop is open to anyone interested in self reflection or exploring their personal creativity. 
Fee: $30/person unless otherwise noted due to art supplies
Time: TBD
Dates: TBD
Location: TBD

Creative CommunicationThis is a parenting workshop series that utilizes sign language for parent and child to improve communication when children are preverbal. This workshop is offered in partnership. More information will be provided as the program develops.
Fee: TBD
Time: TBD
Dates: TBD
Location: TBD