Counseling & Art Therapy for infertility, loss and grief hours are by appointment only.

Individual Sessions are scheduled in Orland Park, IL.

Counseling & Art Therapy Groups are held  in Orland Park, IL and in the community.

Day, Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

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your Dreams



Images tell the story when the words are too hard...

There are times in life that challenge the way you have always imagined the world to be or how your life would play out.  You may have been able to talk with friends or family and that helped in the past.  Or you could go for a jog to clear your mind.  This situation is new and different.  You are sensing you may need a different approach to help you.

This may be the first time you ever thought to reach out for support, counseling or art therapy.  You may be experiencing a sense of loneliness and confusion as you are trying to navigate new information, a new way of living and new decisions to make.  Your dreams may be shattered and you never imagined you would be living this life.  Relationships may even be changing because of the changes in your life. You are feeling at a level of intensity that you have never felt before. 

Chartreuse Center will companion you and provide compassionate professional counseling and art therapy during this time in your life.  Individual counseling is useful in developing awareness of the losses experienced, to adjust to the changes in life, prepare for challenges and triggers that may occur, and redefine hopes and dreams for you and your family.  Time limited groups provide an opportunity to connect with others, gain information, and learn about yourself.  

Counseling for infertility, loss or grief is generally for the time that it is needed.  Your life is now different because of what you are experiencing.  The information learned and awareness gained through counseling and art therapy individual sessions and groups can be applied to many other situations. Chartreuse Center specializes in

  • understanding an infertility diagnosis and coping with life changes 
  • bereavement counseling after the death of a loved one
  • unique needs of foster parents and parenting after adoption
  • loss associated with life transitions or an illness diagnosis
  • art therapy and expressive therapy for coping, stress management and mindfulness

 The hope of Chartreuse Center is to provide you with the support, education, and coping strategies to help you adjust.​​


  Infertility Counseling
  • Understanding Infertility
  • Primary & Secondary Infertility
  • Infertility Testing & Treatments
  • Donor Options
  • Surrogacy
  • Pregnancy after Fertility Treatment
  • Family Building Options
  • Foster & Adoptive Parent Support
  • Marriage & Family Relationship Changes after to Infertility Diagnosis
  • Coping of Intense Emotions
  • ​Self Esteem & Identity Issues
  • Living Child-Free

  Loss & Grief Counseling
  • Loss  due to Miscarriage, Still Birth or Pregnancy Reduction
  • Bereavement of a Loved One due to Sudden Death, Accident, or Suicide
  • Tasks & Stages of Grief
  • Develop Awareness of Personal Grief Triggers & Identify Coping Strategies
  • Navigate through Change 
  • Manage Stress & Anxiety
  • Pet Loss Workshop is available

Specialized Support 

Professional services are available for presentations, consultation for health care professionals, and supervision for counselors and art therapists.

Consultation & Supervision 

Art Therapy

Develop understanding and adjust to losses experienced through sudden death, miscarriage, still birth, failed infertility treatments and selective reduction.


& Grief

Individual and group counseling support available regarding infertility, pregnancy after fertility treatment, and family building options.

Fertility Support

Specialized Counseling for Infertility, Loss and Grief